Hello, welcome to my blog. Here I will be writing about life, food, places and my hapless navigation through the sticky mid-twenties. I hope you find something you like and thanks for stopping by :) P.s - I'm new to all this so site still under construction!

Stop the ageing! Is Eminem’s daughter really that old?

Last week, Ant and Dec have said they want to bring back SM:TV live, for its 20th anniversary. Wow, 20 years you cry in shock and horror. I did too. 

It seems as though everywhere I turn (mainly on social media, so the turning is metaphorical, and more of a scrolling and swiping movement), there is some kind of blaring reminder of how many years have passed since a particular event, or images of products, television programmes or bands which have since folded into inexistence. An invitation, or…

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Maltesar cakes

On Having That Slice Of Chocolate Cake

Oh hi. It’s been a while, I know. Life happened! It’s been busy – I started working full time, had rehearsals, and Neighbours came back from Christmas break so… Anyway, as that old saying by the famous ‘they’ goes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So I thought today, on National Chocolate Cake Day, why not post about remembering to take some time out and have a bit of chocolate cake. I’m using the cake as a metaphor, but if you actually have cake then you’re winning. 

I’m not sure whether this…

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On Dealing With January

January is always the worst. The festivities are over, everything has returned to its bland, undecorated state and the seemingly limitless supply of Quality Street has been replaced with talk of detox and super grains. Having once again observed this reliably dramatic switch which descends upon us annually on January 1st, perhaps this is the year to call it into question.   

To simply follow the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘grain’ is to sum up the juxtaposition between the two periods; a metaphor, if you like…

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Tea 2

Festive Afternoon Tea

For my birthday last month my lovely friend booked us an afternoon tea at No. 10 Manchester Street, a hotel in Marylebone. I was so excited; afternoon tea is up there on the list of favourite things alongside Christmas and Dick Van Dyke. 

We started with a bit of a browse of Oxford and Regent’s Street, taking in the lovely lights and the grandeur of our wonderful city. This, however, became difficult quickly as each step had to be a deft manoeuvre around an oncoming Christmas shopper. Upon reaching the…

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On Why It's Okay To Indulge In A Bit Of Cultural Fluff

I’ll say it loud and proud. I’m not ashamed. Not only does the return of November mean the close proximity of the festive season, lovely autumn walks and cosy jumpers, but it also means the return of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! For years my viewing of this light-hearted, comical programme has been the butt of numerous jokes among friends, with nicknames resurfacing such as Granny Rach, and questions being asked such as how I’m coping with the menopause. I’ve finally decided to address the sheer…

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Gift ideas

Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s December and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Just kidding it’s looked like Christmas since you packed away your Halloween costume. But now it’s legitimately getting festive, and it’s time to start thinking about food, presents, parties and general jolitivities. Not to put a downer on this magical time of year, but for many the magic can quickly translate into a panic about the old purse strings. Having been a student for the past four years and still currently hunting/pleading for a job…

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Mince pies

November Favourites

I’ve done it, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of monthly favourite blog posts and I love it. Here are some of my favourite things from the month of November which, by the way, went by in about ten minutes. 

I’m starting with TV because I think there has just been so much good stuff this month. This has resulted in the furthering of my status as a 24 going on 80 year old when it comes to social calendars, but I’ve embraced it. First can we just talk about how ridiculous David Attenborough is… How amazing is…

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Img 0089

House of MinaLima - Harry Potter Magic

With the release of Fantastic Beasts last week, I thought it would be a good time to write about my visit to the House of MinaLima. If you’re a massive Harry Potter nerd like me (Always, <3) or into art and design, or a human, I think you’ll enjoy this place. All the magic of the books, the films, and the Harry Potter studio tour will come flooding back like it never left you. 

Situated in what appears to be a tiny store on Soho’s Greek Street, House of MinaLima is an exhibition set up by designers…

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Nine things you know if you've interned

En route to our high flying careers in various fields, some of us may have had the wonderful experience of being an intern. Here are seven things I feel that many of us dutiful unpaid workers can relate to, or which the prospective intern can look to for guidance.    

1)The perpetual beverage maker
Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. The three words everyone thinks of when you say ‘intern,’ the question teetering on the lips all day of the most eager unpaid worker. The rising at the end of the phrase…

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And we all gasped together...

Anything else I had planned to write about this week seemed to pale into insignificance following the huge shock that greeted many of us this morning. For many, it seems like hate has won the day (again) and the future seems a dark and frightening one. Never, then, has it been more important to stand up for love and positivity. Contrary to that old saying, it’s okay to curse the darkness, even necessary. But let’s light a candle in it too. 

We can continue to do good things, to be kind to people, to show…

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