About Me


The crux of it: I’m Rachel. I’ve recently finished a postgraduate degree in Music. Ooh-er an arts degree, yes I know. I grew up in the suburbs of London, and have gradually moved further out as the years marched on. I decided to start a blog as an outlet for my love of writing. Expect some general ramblings on food, travel, life, and my hapless navigation through the sticky mid-twenties. I hope you find something you like, and thanks for stopping by. 

Some other things I like: Animals, the seaside, ice cream at the sea side, ice cream anywhere, time with friends, a generously filled Victoria Sponge, a cup of tea, a snuggly onesie, food in general, going to the cinema, the lost Pearl & Dean opening tune at the cinema, finding the positive, finding a fiver in your coat you didn’t know about, visiting new places, visiting old favourite places, laughing, Kenny Rogers singing The Gambler, London at Christmas, the majesty of Julie Andrews, when you smile at a dog and they smile back.  
Some things I don’t like: Sniffing, prawns, leaving a tissue in your washing, Piers Morgan, Anchorman, the way people blame millennials for everything, the way I don’t truly know what a millennial is, the absolute raw despair of the GBBO situation, cheese sandwiches.   

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