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With the release of Fantastic Beasts last week, I thought it would be a good time to write about my visit to the House of MinaLima. If you’re a massive Harry Potter nerd like me (Always, <3) or into art and design, or a human, I think you’ll enjoy this place. All the magic of the books, the films, and the Harry Potter studio tour will come flooding back like it never left you. 

Situated in what appears to be a tiny store on Soho’s Greek Street, House of MinaLima is an exhibition set up by designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, who designed the graphic props for all the Harry Potter films. The wonky staircases, sloping floors  and low ceilings which characterise the tall and narrow building provide the perfect setting for a Harry Potter exhibition. 

The ground floor houses the shop, but don’t get too excited looking around here first, as the real things are on display upstairs. Walk up a winding, creaky staircase to the first floor and browse through the other work on display by the two designers on illustrated nouns. Then, walk up another wobbly staircase to where the magic begins. Here, step over a floor covered with the Marauder’s Map and look up to see a flurry of Harry’s Hogwarts invitation letters. The walls are laden with beautiful framed designs and text settings, as well as cases full of authentic props such as the Weasley brothers’ Skiving Snack Box and Rita Skeeter's book on Dumbledore. Finally, wander up to the top floor to find covers of the Daily Prophet with amazingly intricate detail, and books which are so beautiful you’ll want them on your shelf at home. Everything in this exhibition is so amazingly detailed and impressive it really is worth a visit. 

Here are a few photos from our visit.


While on the topic of my beloved HP, I properly geeked out on my birthday this month when I got this box from GeekGear. It was full of HP stuff that’s so nice to keep, including a personalised Hogwarts letter, and a time turner!! You can order a monthly subscription of specifically Harry Potter boxes, or a general box of geeky stuff, or get a one off box like I did. When are you ever too grown up for Harry Potter? Never, is the answer to that. 

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