On Having That Slice Of Chocolate Cake

Oh hi. It’s been a while, I know. Life happened! It’s been busy – I started working full time, had rehearsals, and Neighbours came back from Christmas break so… Anyway, as that old saying by the famous ‘they’ goes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So I thought today, on National Chocolate Cake Day, why not post about remembering to take some time out and have a bit of chocolate cake. I’m using the cake as a metaphor, but if you actually have cake then you’re winning. 

I’m not sure whether this glorious day of the cake has fully made its way over to the UK from America, but I hope that we will embrace it with open arms. Perhaps even a bank holiday next year, eh Liz? One can dream. While many are critical of the fact that there seems to be an allocated day for everything now: National Puppy Day (March 23rd), National Cheese Day (Jan 20th – whoops missed that), National Make a Friend Day (February 11th), I think it’s a nice way to remember to celebrate the small things. Maybe it did inspire some people to treat themselves and have a bit of Wensleydale, which is no bad thing. And yes, it is a marketing team’s dream, but that’s just being cynical. 

Similar to the sentiments expressed in my last post about surviving the January blues, treating ourselves and taking some time out to chill (or Netflix and, if it’s that kind of evening) is as important as the work we do, and all the things we have to achieve. Going from unemployment to full time work with a commute of over an hour each way has left me a bit exhausted, and with an urge on my days off to hibernate under a duvet in front of Big Brother. I know I’ll get used to it, but I’ve decided to embrace the fact that it’s ok to do that, too. For this revelation I am thanking National Chocolate Cake Day, and you should too. 

So I don’t know what’s with this constant metaphorizing at the moment, or whether this is in fact a word. Perhaps this is the new me for 2017. Next week the man coughing in my book on the tube will be a metaphor for the trials and tribulations that face us on our journey through life, and my obviously repulsed face and attempt to turn myself in my space of 0.1m² an effort to overcome. 

Not really. Just have a bit of chocolate cake. 

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  • Joel David Briscoe

    Joel David Briscoe Leeds

    Chocolate cake for breakfast then? Thanks :)

    Chocolate cake for breakfast then? Thanks smile

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