Hello, welcome to my blog. Here I will be writing about life, food, places and my hapless navigation through the sticky mid-twenties. I hope you find something you like and thanks for stopping by :) P.s - I'm new to all this so site still under construction!

Cake 002

Witches Hat Halloween Cake

I thought I’d have a go at something different and a bit challenging this Halloween. This is the recipe I use for any sponge, since I were a young’un baking with my Nan. Neither of us are Northern. However, as this is a large cake with many layers, I’ve doubled what I’d normally use for a Victoria sandwich or chocolate sponge. You will need two (or three if you have them) sandwich tins of 20cm, and I also used two smaller ones I got from Tesco which are 11cm. These aren’t necessary, but it means there is a…

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Cracks a-plenty in the GBBO final 2016

This is it. The grand finale. The last hoorah. The icing on the cake. Baking pun inserted in the first line – doing well so far. Thanks for joining me in my recap of the GBBO final 2016! 

Andrew, Jane and Candice arrive in the tent and it’s all to play for.  The first task, in line with this week’s theme, is to produce a ‘royal meringue.’ Paul sadistically explains how the bakers struggled with meringue earlier in the series, so he decided to return to it in the final. Nice. Candice has decided to make TWO…

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The second one - The vicious game of the jobhunt

Here I sit, deep in the bowels of Café Nero, pondering the topic of the pivotal second blog post. To my left is an elderly couple who sit in comfortable silence, reading their newspapers.  I wonder if the last time they spoke was in 2005. To my right is a young, enthusiastic male attempting to sell his start-up to a potential investor, perhaps friend. Damn those millennials and their ambitious ideas. Mid-sip of luke-warm decaf tea, the idea comes to me like the first ghost came to Scrooge, but less scary…

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Everyone’s got butter fingers in La Patisserie: Bake Off Week 9

It’s Week 9, the semi-final, the penultimate episode hosted by our beloved Beeb. Apparently, this was the first episode filmed AFTER the shock that caused the nation to cry out in sadness and in anger, and revealed our slightly unhealthy passion for cake. Paul’s aggressive slicing of a delicate fondant fancy was like a metaphor for the unexpected and traumatic divorce of the GBBO family. Were tensions running high behind the scenes? Did Mary praise Paul’s ‘perfect’ savarin through gritted dentures? Was…

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The Very First One

I’m Rachel. Graduate, current postgraduate, broke, at sea. Not literally at sea. I am not a Cornish fisherwoman nor sailing the seven seas on a cruise ship, though both situations sound surprisingly appealing at the moment. At sea such that as my postgraduate degree is drawing to an alarmingly proximate close, I am left wondering: What’s the plan, Stan? 

This question is to the ears of a graduate without a plan about as welcome as Donald Trump at a feminist rally. Yet, to any family member you’ve not spoken…

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