Hello, welcome to my blog. Here I will be writing about life, food, places and my hapless navigation through the sticky mid-twenties. I hope you find something you like and thanks for stopping by :) P.s - I'm new to all this so site still under construction!

Cake 002

Witches Hat Halloween Cake

I thought I’d have a go at something different and a bit challenging this Halloween. This is the recipe I use for any sponge, since I were a young’un baking with my Nan. Neither of us are Northern. However, as…

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Cracks a-plenty in the GBBO final 2016

This is it. The grand finale. The last hoorah. The icing on the cake. Baking pun inserted in the first line – doing well so far. Thanks for joining me in my recap of the GBBO final 2016! 

Andrew, Jane…

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The Very First One

I’m Rachel. Graduate, current postgraduate, broke, at sea. Not literally at sea. I am not a Cornish fisherwoman nor sailing the seven seas on a cruise ship, though both situations sound surprisingly appealing at the moment. At sea such that…

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